All’s Well That Ends Well

It has finally happened. After nearly four years in customer service (most recently and most gruelingly the restaurant industry), I have moved on. I am wildly, unimaginably, catastrophically proud to say that I, The Awkward Duckling, am now a full time employee at an animal shelter. 

The reason I truly, deeply loathed the restaurant industry (and customer service in general) is manifold: for starters, I am not a people person. I hate the lot of them. People are by nature self-obsessed, self-centered, and self-involved. As a person myself, I am not free of these earthly faults, but I like to look at the world outside myself. I am not an inhabitant on this planet, merely a moral observer walking upon it. Another heavily contributing factor as to why I hate people is because I am conscientious to a fault. I agonize over every single action, I see its consequences unfold like a ripple. Nothing is simple to me, everything is part of something greater. So yeah to you you’re just fishing out your metro card but to me you are the asshole who is too utterly thoughtless to stand off to the side until you find it.  I’m sorry, were you surprised that you would need to pay the fare to ride the train? Has this transaction you undertake every single day of your life suddenly become novel and unfamiliar to you? Of course not. So use your damn head.

Do you see what I mean when I say I’m not a people person?

But I digress. Naturally. So yes, I hate people. I hate the routine of doing a job that means nothing. Your dining experience does not serve the world. Your being seated at a booth instead of a table does nothing to leave this world better than it was when you found it. And you know what? I don’t give a shit if you prefer your tap water with no ice. How, in the scheme of your life, does any of this matter? If you paid attention to the quality of your actual experience (your companions, your health, the means by which you can afford to pay for this dinner) you would be a much happier version of yourself than the person who simply had to sit next to the window even though you ended up sitting with your back to it.

And here I’ve gone and digressed again.

My point is this: there are universal truths and one of them is that we owe it to the world to be good. We need to help. Sure, be an affluent venture capitalist all you want, but volunteer at a soup kitchen. Be the senior partner at a corporate law firm and help rich people get richer if that’s what blows your skirt up, but pick up litter from the side of the road. I believe in balance, and to maintain balance you must actively pursue good so that it may offset the bad we all do every day (don’t pretend you’ve never spat your gum out on the pavement or angrily pushed through a pack of tourists). So in that spirit, I have secured full time employment at an animal shelter. 

Beyond the views I’ve fervently (insanely?) expressed heretofore, I also believe we owe it to those who are helpless to protect and provide for them. Animals are entirely reliant upon us to protect, house, and feed them. But unfortunately it is often the case they are neglected, abused, or in some manner ill-treated. I want to spend my life fixing those wrongs. I will gladly take the frustration and long hours that seem to come with most jobs if it means at the end of the day I have done something constructive.

On that note, have you considered donating to the charity of your choice lately?


The Awkward Duckling


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